Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working at Rockwood Hospital For Pets

    I  really enjoyed working at Rockwood Hospital For Pets.  I worked there through a Health Youth Apprenticeship at my school for my senior year.  The reasons I enjoyed it there was because of a few things.  First of all, animals are always happy to see me.  They could have had a painful procedure done just a day ago or hours ago and no matter how much pain they're in, they want to greet people and have people pet and play with them; working there really didn't seem like work or a job.  The second reason is that I believe animals are good way to get rid of stress.  For example I could have had the worst day at school and I would get to Rockwood and go back to see who the patients were for the day, and play with them for awhile and I would instantly feel a lot happier, and just forget about what ever happened.  They last reason I enjoyed a Vet. Hospital is that the animals really don't complain, aside from the occasional bark or meow, they're pretty good sports about whatever happens.   When I moved down to La Crosse I had to leave Rockwood behind which was very sad, I always think about it and wish I still worked there.  The people who worked there were outstanding, Dr. McCarthy, Heidi, Kathy, Amy, Bobbie & Kate, were very compassionate people and were great to work with!  Maybe I will have to apply at Vet. Hospitals down here and hope for the same.

Clinic Pets

Position: Fur Dispenser Unit and Paper Weight
Favorite Saying: "MEOW!"
Favorite Part of Working at Rockwood: Laying down on important paperwork until my belly is rubbed thoroughly enough to find another activity.

Position: Supersonic Rocket Ship
Favorite Saying: "RAMMING SPEEEEEEED!"
Favorite Part of Working at Rockwood: Chasing my mommy (Kate) around at high speed until I get a treat, or at least a tummy rub.

Position: Resident Grumpy Gills
Favorite Saying: "mrrrrrrr"
Favorite Part of Working at Rockwood: Laying around on people's shoulders looking grumpy.

Position: Automatic Floor Sweeper
Favorite Saying: meow
Favorite Part of Working at Rockwood: Everybody pets, whenever I want it.
(Clinic Pets write-up done by Rockwood Staff)

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