Monday, October 25, 2010

Bon Jovi-The Circle Tour

Inside Soldier Field
4 Hours before Bon Jovi

      I am very excited because Bon Jovi-The Circle Tour, for one night and one night only is coming to over 550 theaters in the nation and it just happens to becoming to La Crosse!  This summer my cousin Taylor her friend Libby and I went to Soldier Field, in Chicago for the July 30th Circle Tour Concert.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed.  We had so much fun, it also helped that Bon Jovi has been Taylor and my favorite band since we could remember and we had always dreamed of going to there concert, and we were finally able to.  So this news is great.  I think it would be really something to tie the whole expirence together if we would go to watch this.  I think it would make for a great night!!!  The only problem is that she lives 3 hours away from where I live now, and its on a school night.  So I might end up going alone, but it's okay becasue it is BON JOVI! :p

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working at Rockwood Hospital For Pets

    I  really enjoyed working at Rockwood Hospital For Pets.  I worked there through a Health Youth Apprenticeship at my school for my senior year.  The reasons I enjoyed it there was because of a few things.  First of all, animals are always happy to see me.  They could have had a painful procedure done just a day ago or hours ago and no matter how much pain they're in, they want to greet people and have people pet and play with them; working there really didn't seem like work or a job.  The second reason is that I believe animals are good way to get rid of stress.  For example I could have had the worst day at school and I would get to Rockwood and go back to see who the patients were for the day, and play with them for awhile and I would instantly feel a lot happier, and just forget about what ever happened.  They last reason I enjoyed a Vet. Hospital is that the animals really don't complain, aside from the occasional bark or meow, they're pretty good sports about whatever happens.   When I moved down to La Crosse I had to leave Rockwood behind which was very sad, I always think about it and wish I still worked there.  The people who worked there were outstanding, Dr. McCarthy, Heidi, Kathy, Amy, Bobbie & Kate, were very compassionate people and were great to work with!  Maybe I will have to apply at Vet. Hospitals down here and hope for the same.

Clinic Pets

Position: Fur Dispenser Unit and Paper Weight
Favorite Saying: "MEOW!"
Favorite Part of Working at Rockwood: Laying down on important paperwork until my belly is rubbed thoroughly enough to find another activity.

Position: Supersonic Rocket Ship
Favorite Saying: "RAMMING SPEEEEEEED!"
Favorite Part of Working at Rockwood: Chasing my mommy (Kate) around at high speed until I get a treat, or at least a tummy rub.

Position: Resident Grumpy Gills
Favorite Saying: "mrrrrrrr"
Favorite Part of Working at Rockwood: Laying around on people's shoulders looking grumpy.

Position: Automatic Floor Sweeper
Favorite Saying: meow
Favorite Part of Working at Rockwood: Everybody pets, whenever I want it.
(Clinic Pets write-up done by Rockwood Staff)

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Magical World of J. R. R. Tolkien

Tolkien's Middle Earth

Elven Language

         J.R.R. Tolkien had made a whole new world with his deeply treasured stories "The Hobbit" and the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy.  He has created new languages like the elven language, spoken by the elves and others in his "Middle Earth".  He came up with the symbols that are the letters for the words, and then the pronunciation, it is really something.  He created timelines for the stories going really far back in the Middle Earth history, with events all along the way.  He created family trees, going far back as well.  With all that he put into the stories it is hard to believe that this really didn't happen.  He describes everything with such detail that he really makes it easy to believe.  I have studied his work for awhile and every time I go back to look at it again, I find more pieces of the history of Middle Earth and I am always blown away by the dept of his "world".  I have to remind my self all the time that this really didn't happen, even though with him as the creator it's like it really did!  In my mind J.R.R Tolkien is the most imaginative/creative person in the world, and deserves tons of praise for his work. 
                 P.S. Peter Jackson did a fantastic job bringing Tolkien's world to life.  I can watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy, over and over again and never get sick of it!  Also I can't wait until The Hobbit comes out!



Friday, October 1, 2010

Story Taylor Wrote For Class

Amber, I wrote this essay for my creative writing class. I hope you like it. :)

Amber and I

When my parents divorced they each moved me back to their hometown. My father’s hometown was in Hamburg, Wisconsin. My father came from an abnormally large family, many of whom purchased land from my grandfather to create their own establishment. I lived in the upstairs of their grand old farmhouse and my cousin Amber lived across the highway from us. The farmhouse or as we simply called it the Farm, was an interesting place. It had its glory at one point but it didn’t live up to those standards for long. The pond was always mucky and was overpopulated with frogs; the barn was full of rats and everyone’s things that were no longer wanted. One of my uncles even kept a mailbox collection in there. The chickens crapped all over; one of my aunts lived in a little shack next to the barn and we swore it was haunted. This place had a living storybook of adventure.

Homemade lipstick

Amber and I spent the most time together. Out of the 26 cousins we had, we bonded the closest. We didn’t have all the fancy games or the money to do things other young children did for entertainment. We just had the Farm. A memory that sticks out the most was making lots of lipstick. We had an obsession. The ingredients included sand, rose petals, and mucky pond water, which we forced one of our older cousins to fetch for us. We tried to use up our purchased chap sticks so that we would have containers for the good stuff -the homemade stuff. Yes, we did use these chap sticks and were quite proud of it. My grandmothers rose bush provided other entertainment for us as well. When mixing rose petals with water, we convinced ourselves that it had healing powers. After we got done rolling down the septic hill for no good reason, hitting rocks and thistles, we used the healing potion to make us magically better.

Concocting perfumes
Making meals for family

We grew up. We realized we were kind of idiots, almost embarrassed to bring up memories such as these to our elementary school friends. We had better more grown up ideas. Almost every time we got together we concocted pretty smelling perfumes by mixing previously existing ones together. We tried to show off our cooking skills. When Amber’s parents came back from working outside, we prepared them a meal. Leftover vegetables, and applesauce were compliments of our main dish, Peanut Butter and Jelly mixed with salt. We didn’t make just one sandwich, we ended up making eight! My aunt and Uncle were not too pleased when they found out we wasted a lot of food. Money was tight then and our wastefulness was not appreciated. To teach us a lesson they made us eat every single sandwich until they were gone. Other summer days we dug in my woods for clay. We each believed that we were pottery makers. Grains, dandelions, gravel, and weeds, would all get mixed into our masterpieces. We set them out to dry in bricks but always forgot about them a few weeks later. It never worked.

Making our own band
Planning our wedding songs- maid of honor

The preteen years were the best because we had a band! Our Band was called Hayden. We thought we were cool and changed our names. My new name was Laura Hayden and Amber’s was Jamie Hayden. We asked for microphones for Christmas and put on concerts for invisible people in her house. We wrote our own songs, twelve of them to be exact. It was one of the longest phases we have ever been in. We simply had a blast! My best Halloween was spent with her. At the end of her long driveway was a playhouse that we decorated to appear haunted. Soon after, we dressed up. She covered her curly dark brown hair with a black wig that had red tips. She wore a lip ring, a tattooed sleeve and lots of black eye shadow. It was really convincing. I tried to dye my hair orange but my dark stubborn hair wouldn’t change colors. I had an eyebrow ring and a tattooed sleeve as well. My lips were black and so were my eyes. I don’t think we dressed up to be a specific character but rather we just tried to be scary. Eating candy, having a band rehearsal, gossiping and handing out a very little bit of candy outlined the whole haunted night. Coming in touch with our feminine side, other days we discussed every detail about our future weddings. We had songs planned and husband’s names picked. We worried about how our husbands would meet our fathers. It was so silly looking back. She was always going to be my maid of honor. That’s one detail I hope stays the same.


Amber went off to college in the fall of 2010. The summer prior to her leaving was very memorable. Days spent shopping, listening to music, and chatting were among our favorite activities. We did some traveling; one trip was to Chicago to see our favorite singer Bon Jovi. The concert was amazing!!! Back at home we spent a lot of time discussing college life. She was headed off to La Crosse Tech and I was hoping to be accepted into St. Norbert’s. We talked about boys; who was cute, who was not, the famous people who were incredible gorgeous and often we talked about my boyfriend. We would sit around eating desserts that Amber baked, discussing friends and how bitchy they usually were. We had each other’s back. With the wonderful ability of texting, I get to hear from her nearly every week. I look forward to her frequent arrivals back in Hamburg, Wisconsin.  She is my best friend and I often miss her.

Conclusion: Family makes the best of friends

My dad always tells me that the best friends are family. I usually roll my eyes at his remarks. I really want to expand my horizons beyond my family but in all honesty he has a point. My best friend is my cousin. From when we were toddlers making lipstick out of sand, to making salty sandwiches, and later creating a band, we have really had the best of times. I know more great times will come as well. I can picture us actually get married, moving into our own houses, having children, growing old, and drinking wine on our porches. We have the bond unlike one I’ve ever had with any other friend. For as long as she lives, she will forever being my wing girl. For once I can say my father was right. The best friends are going to be your family.

By: Taylor Seliger           

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Light flickering demons, rotten- flesh eating ghouls, giant suicidal teddy bear, rugaru, skin melting shape shifters, the cave- dwelling wendigo and the not so great, blue glowing lined body, sort of genie dijin oh can’t forget the grim tux dressed reapers.  All these are creatures of my favorite show called SUPERNATURL.  Supernatural is the story of two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester and there family.  The two brothers drive around the country in Dean’s classic black 67’ Chevy Impala, searching first for the yellow eyed demon, Azezel.  Then in search for god and the devil, and all along the way saving the country/ people 1, 2 or 10 demons/ creatures at a time.  The show has gone on for an incredible 5 season and as of tomorrow, 9/24/10 it will be season 6.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Leaving Home

            Most people my age that I know couldn't wait to leave home and go to college, or just move out in general, but not me. I know that it might sound weird to most, but I loved home. I loved being with my family. I have the cutest little sister ever. She is two and a load of trouble! Then I also have a seven year old sister and two teen-age brothers. I am really close to my little sister Hazel, she usually sleep with me, (not suppose to, but it always happens anyways) and we would spend almost all day, everyday together! So on August 22 when I had to move away to go to school it was so hard. My sisters wouldn't let go of me when they had to go back home, which made it that much harder. They came down here for my aunts baby-shower this past weekend, and I got to spend time with them, when it was time for them to leave, Hazel was buckled into her car seat and I bent down to give her a kiss and she said(in her adorable little gibber voice), "you come home too" and I told her I couldn't and she kept asking why, she didn't understand. Then she took my glasses , I think she taught I would come with because she had them. It so hard leaving them! But I have to remember somethings in life are hard to do, but it's all part of growing up.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Why I like Merrill,WI so much

A Break In The Storm
Lost In Our Youth
        I like Merrill, Wisconsin a lot because of the music. Merrill has some pretty awesome bands: Lost in Our Youth, Juliet Kills Romeo, Alec Grefe, A Break in the Storm, and others. The Local bands from here really rock. A Break in the Storm did well for themselves. They have a record label with Turkey Vulture Records, and they got to play at the Rave when Megadeth was playing a show. I hope things keep going good for them. Great job guys! Merrill also has a great way to channel all the music. The Merrill based radio station Z-104 every Wednesday night has a program called "Homegrown", they play only local music with local bands that come in and talk. It is really great publicity for the local bands and a great way to listen to the local music! With all the local bands, Merrill also has a good amount of tiny concerts, either given at the High school, Les and Jims bowling alley and other places. That was a great part of high school going to the local concerts with my friends. All in all Merrill, Wisconsin rocks, literally!
Juliet Kills Romeo
Alec Grefe